Explain This Double Standard between videgames and television?

a lot of people watch TV all day everyday[welfare bludgers and stay at home mothers/wives] and nobody gives a fuck. Nobody calls you a lazy twat with no ambition in life, nobody tells ya to get a job.

BUT! Play video games for a couple hours after work and before bed and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS! They do all of the above WHY THE HELL IS THAT?


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  • 1) Why does that profile picture remind me of Wolf?

    2) That's because of the societal perception of video games. As a researcher once said: "most we prove in the social sciences are really «No shit» situations." (in this case: the treat them differently because they perceive them differently. Duh.).

  • Actually.. if someone was lounging around on the couch watching TV for hours.. I'd think they're a lazy twat. But society has different opinions, video games are seen as either childish or a waste of time to some. Not to mention how every generation hates the generation that comes after them, most minds don't like change, 'if they survived without video games, so can you' etc etc

  • Because theyre the ones paying for your games and electricity.


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