Is this progress?

Been trying to lucid dream for a while but not much has been happening yet. I took a nap earlier and decided to listen to a guided meditation that's supposed to help you become lucid, I got about 10-15 minutes into it before I turned it off and fell asleep normally. But I had a really vivid dream, usually in dreams I can't remember names or dates but in this dream I remember someone stood next to my bed telling that their name was 'Maverick'. I also remember someone telling me about two people and they had me write down their dates of birth on a piece of paper, I remember clearly writing down the year '1916'. I know I wasn't lucid in my dream but remembering a date and name is something I haven't been able to do often, especially that clearly.


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  • this surely is progress :) some years ago i have had lucid dreams, but its gone now. I think you can't force lucid dreaming but you maybe can encourage your brain for it. Some say it would help to write a dream-journal so you can memorize your dreams better and see your progress.

    • What was it like?

      I started keeping a dream journal just recently ☺️

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    • That's awesome, where they clear dreams?

    • *were

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  • Isn't a lucid dream where you know your surroundings whilst asleep?

    • Yeah

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    • Okay, thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹

    • You're welcome

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