What are your impressions of these women names?

Hi, I'm creating a story for an art project at college. I'm curious what adjetives or characteristics would you apply to women with these names?


I'd appreciate your sincere answers! Thank you.
** I'm asking what characteristics you would add to them. I understand they are not the most popular. ;)


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  • Im a novelist and depending on what your story is none of these are it. Id use kim if i had to choose.

    • Thank you very much for your insight. Being a writer I'm curious, even more why they wouldn't "fit" in a story. Would you share any personality traits for them?

    • Fir me, id say kim is known to nice, sexy and friendly and adorable.

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  • I don’t like names like those. I read way too many teen fiction or YA with those names. Specially Kim and Amanda. Unless you can make your character very likeable and original at the same time, those are cliche mc names

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Would you let me know what type of personality you'd imagine with people named Kate and Beverly?

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    • Very interesting! Which style would you match with each one?

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  • Kate- brunette, buxom, curvy
    Beverly- I don't know, rarely heard that name (probably rich, blonde and bitchy)
    Amanda- hot, brunette, tomboyish
    Kim- Raven hair, cute&petite, nerdy, pervy

  • Very much disliking all of them. Those names aren't pretty at all.


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