Is it a good idea to show DDLC to my cousin?

so my cousin and i have a great friendship, and i even think she has a crush on me. tho she can get crazy some times and is pretty emotional most of the time... so lately i have been showing her DDLC and if you seen it, you know what its about... so should it really be a good idea showing all of ddlc to her? considering her crush on me and her tendency to be very emotional?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If she has a crush on you she HAS to get over you, you’re cousins. Show her the video game but don’t give her signs that you like her (although it seems you don’t).

    • I kinda like her but not much cuase i know its wrong, but worry more about if she mimics the same stuff in the game...

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah man show it. Just give her a warning/disclaimer before having her play it

    • Thats what i said, but im still worried for her safty after she sees the death of.. you know who...

    • Yeah I feel you. I feel the same thing whenever I try to suggest the game to someone but I just tell them that they are seriously going to see some super disturbing things

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