If you have a mom with an English accent but you were born in the states could you have an accent too?

The actress India Eisley's mom is English but she is American. When she was on her teen show in interviews she had a much more monotone, deep voice with no accent. Now she's putting on a lighter voice with an English accent. I can't figure out what is really her voice. For some reason I'm very interested in voices and making them sound more pleasant so that's why I noticed this.


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  • Accents dont exist, its all what the child grows up listening to and how the alphbet and words are pronounced. Thats how people are able to imitate accents.


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  • Well, I was born in the US. My parents are not native English speakers and both have unique accents as a result. I have a very slight accent as well as a slight southern accent cuz I was raised in Texas and my spoken grammar is a tad off even though English is my first language born and raised in the US and English was the primary language in my household. So I’d say it’s entirely possible.

    • cool thanks!

    • would you say it's odd that she had a deeper no accent voice in earlier interviews? I was wondering if maybe it was bc she was still in character but still, I think that's a stretch.

    • Well I know my accent changes depending on who I am around. If I’m in Texas I tend to talk with a Texas drawl cuz that’s what I hear. It’s not something I do on purpose or even think about. If I’m at home with my parents my other accent comes out more. When I’m at my work people are simply not able to pinpoint my accent at all because it’s generic to slightly weird.

      It is entirely possible she is doing it on purpose. I can turn my Texas accent on and off at will.

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  • Yeah, but if she’s surrounded by Americans more than British people, then she might develop an American accent. Or somewhere in between if she also talks to her mom a lot

  • My husband is English and I’m Aussie my child has a mix of both accents when saying certain words


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