Binge watching is something else?

Binge watching TV shows or waiting one week for a new episode?

For me, it depends on what show I'm watching, but I try not to binge watch often because it messes with productivity.

Binge watching isn't healthy!Binge watching is something else.?Binge watching is something else.?
  • I prefer binge watching
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  • I don't mind waiting a week
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  • I binge watch and wait a week for a new episode.
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  • I don't watch TV
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  • Binge watching is better since your memory is still fresh from the last episode and you aren't left in suspense


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  • If I watch something, read a series, etc., it is always via binge. It is pretty unhealthy, especially when I stay up really late to finish of a book or series of episodes, but I find it difficult to stop unless I hit hard limits (eg. 2-3AM is kind of the 'what the hell am I doing' point). Depending on the length of some of the things I read/watch it can also take a hell of a large amount of time out of other things, so that is also a problem.


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  • I would binge-watch everything lol but since I'm usually watching series with my boyfriend and he doesn't like to watch more than 1 or 2 episodes at once I do have to wait.

  • lazy American couch potato lifestyle so boring

    • What country are you in?

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    • i live taiwan, as hated america lifestyle

    • Do you mind if I private message you?

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