Oscar movies this year?

Do you think that Gary Oldman really looks like Winston Churchill? And do you think he’ll win Best Actor for the Oscars?Oscar movies this year?


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  • He may look like Churchill in that pic, but I saw the trailer numerous times and felt he did not do a good acting job. His voice was totally off making his performance unbelievable (in the bad sense).

    • I saw the movie he and Daniel Day-Lewis are competing against each other in this category since he announced that Daniel Day-Lewis retiring.

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    • I just am doing an Oscar pool and I am really trying to pick who will win what. Last year jackpot was $330. I’m trying to catch up on them. I need to see Dunkirk, Get Out, Call Me By Your Name, Phantom Thread, and The Post

    • Listen to the real Churchill then listen to Gary Oldman's Churchill. A total mismatch in the "We will defend our island" speech, Churchill's most famous, yet Oldman got the Oscar...


      Trailer for Oldman movie:

      Compare that with Brendan Gleeson as Churchill:
      (And he looks more like him to begin with...)

      Oldman got a gift.

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  • There are great contenders for the Oscars this year. I host a viewing party every. Its like my Superbowl. But Darkest Hour waS beyond amazing. I think they did an amazing job. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Winston Churchill.

    • Yeah my friend does this Oscar ballot and we all chip in $5. Whoever gets the right amount of nominations correct they win the jackpot. Last years was $330 I’m really upping my game I’ve seen (Darkest Hour, Lady Bird, Shape Of Water, The Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, and Get Out)

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  • just cause there 2 old chubby guys doesn't mean they look the same no offense gary or winston id say he has a good chance but these days it goes to the person who will make the biggest fuss about it

  • Yeah he may

    • People also said that Daniel Day-Lewis (Phantom Thread) has a chance bc he announced his retirement. I haven’t seen that yet.

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