Seriously what in the flying heck is with all the wardrobe malfunctions this year on the olympics?

2 in one year that I’m aware of girls are wearing clothes to possible of malfunctioning on them


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  • I think it's three now. They just wear outfits that are too skimpy. It's daft, especially in the winter olympics.

    • Yeah not sure, I knew of 2 at that moment, two skaters. But true most people do not want to see that!

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  • Tight costumes being put under stress, it's bound to happen. My favourite was this one (from a previous Winter Olympics):

    • I didn’t ask to see one but ty...

    • Yeah, that's the thing, I didn't really ask if you did. I just posted. It was a conscious choice.

  • It's probably more likely that there are more cameras about all mobiles have cameras. There always seems someone there at the right time!!!


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