Who is your favorite character from the animated tv show Archer?

Who is your favourite archer character and why? Feel free to add reference to episodes or quotes too.

My favourite is a toss up between Dr. Krieger and Pam. Reason is Pam is one bad ass chick. Krieger is a very funny mad scientist, that has the best lines... Yup yup yup
  • Sterling Archer
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  • Lana Kane
    Vote B
  • Cyril Figis
    Vote C
  • Cheryl Tunt
    Vote D
  • Pam Poovey
    Vote E
  • Malory Archer
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  • Algernop Krieger
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  • Id have to say pam she's got one of the best back stories and is always messing shit up. I just love when everyone yells her name and she just goes aaaahhhh


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  • I'll have to get back to this post when I rewatch the show!


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