How does this drawing of my profile look?

Took me 1.5 hours to make it. Still not good enough😔How does this drawing of my profile look.?
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  • Ways that you can improve are sketching more. The perspective is alright but the proportions are off.

    • Any tips about the proportions?

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    • U still remember episode 5 right?

    • That's not even the real problem, it's that most of the staff draws from dull and lifeless models for their animation, and as of result it gets simplified to looking like cheap garbage.

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  • Bro, I would never draw Gohan like that even If I try my best keep it up. Would like to see you draw Jiren or someone else from Dragon Ball.

    • Next would probably be goku's mastered ultra instinct

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    • Nope the next episode will come on 4th march

    • 4th seriously? 😥 I am feeling bad now. I got used to it. To have new episode each week. New episode better be good or they will be ☠

  • Cool


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