Have you used Second Life?

If you haven't google it.
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  • I have a little. The graphics sucked and there was just too much going on.


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  • I have, I used it when I was too young to have an account but no one ever noticed. I didn't really use slang so I think that's why I was never given away. It's a little complicated at first which I think it why the game isn't for everyone. The problem with this site is most people take themselves WAY too seriously. Like it really is a SECOND LIFE to them. They value it, their home, their companies. Not that that doesn't make sense, when you've invested your time and energy. Many users at a bit older (in comparison to places like IMVU which has a more teenage demographic) being about 29-60+. So it's a lot of people who don't like to laugh at themselves or really be messed with at all. People would rather just live a super boring life, online, while just having a super unrealistic, youthful body. I loved it when I was 14-15 and everyone thought I was 22. It used to be more lively too, I had a lot of friends and I remember being friends with people who were actually kind of funny, not too serious. But now, people just stand around, don't really talk to you, only want cybersex (wtf), or a place to live out their fantasies. People don't understand the site, the rules and most people just aren't willing to help anyone, what users don't realize is that when you refuse to interact with newer users, it isn't in your best interest, the whole game needs to do well.

    • You weren't around the right crowd in the game.

    • I used to be, I think I stated that. Most of the people I used to hangout with are gone, along with a lot of locations.

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  • Yeah but super casually. I have no idea how to customize my Avatar so I just use one of the presets and I just wander around. There's some. cool stuff in there like the entire Back to the Future ride for some eason.

  • It never worked very well for me. So I stopped playing after like a week because it stopped crashing

    • You need a good graphics card, and a good internet connection.

  • Never


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