What's the best game you ever played?

What's the best game you ever played??


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  • Skyrim! I loved everything about it; the story (ies), all the quests (main and side), the dragons, the archer role, all the options when designing your character, the various skills (alchemy in particular), getting my own horse, all the beautiful environments and the details, the music, the atmosphere, exploring, treasure hunting, puzzles... It just had everything I like. Plus many, many hours of gameplay because it was so big with so much content. The only downside was the bugs that sometimes made certain side quests impossible to finish. That was annoying, but it didn't ruin the overall experience.

    I especially remember this huge cave beneath some dwemer ruins, with these big colourful plants almost resembling corals or big mushrooms. It looked like an underwater environment or like something from Alice in Wonderland - very cool. I remember just walking around trying to see everything.

    • I like your very detailed answer haha. I spent 3 hours in just creating a character

    • I might have done the same thing, I don't remember, haha. Yeah, it was great and I have many fond memories of it. I guess there's a lot to say about that game :)

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  • Knock Hockey. I worked a job long ago, and there were several guys at work that liked competing against each other at Knock Hockey. The guy that thought of himself as the champion challenged me to a game. I'd never even played it before, and didn't even really want to play, but he insisted, so I sat down to a game. I guess he figured I'd be some easy opponent. I wasn't even really trying, but I ended up cleaning up on him immediately. After about a minute, he gave up.


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