Am I the only one who is thinking in this way about gossip girl?

I hate Nate archibald! Despite his pretty face he has nothing to be loved, he’s just a jerk and a cheater. I don’t blame the show for making him looking like an asshole but for being lovied and forgiven sooo many times. Blair annoy me too. I mean.. hello!! He cheated on her with her best friend, but she still loving him! And the thing is that I don’t understand why soo many girls loves him soo much? He was even able to sleep with a married woman for money when he became poor. If he was a random looking guy i bet that every one will throw a punch at him! But I hate Serena too, for acting like a good girl and being described by the media for being gentle and sweet! Okay... so sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend is sweet? No! I first liked the idea of watching this show because the main girl will not be a Bella swan type, wich mean that she’s feeling insecure but every guys will fight for her. At least Serena is rich and pretty so she gots every feature to attract many men. I will love her if she was described like a bitch! Because she’s acting like that. But I see her seducing every men that she meet! (Even the taken and married one) and then when we read a topic about her personality she is described for being a carring and friendly girl. Blair is certainly the least worst between Nate and Serena, but I hate her for being on the beginning soo gentle with Nate. She is confusing love with being attracted! I am not angry because of the show but because the character are loved for something they’re not.

Sorry for the faults. I’m french


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  • Its all good. I love Chuck Bass... Ed Westwick with his sexy voice. That confidence killed me... even if he was evil at times.


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