Why do the japanese hypersexualize whites in anime?

Okay so a lot of media is like "omg white ppls stop sexualizing foreigners! Sexial imperialism blah blah blah"

Is there a blindness to the elephant in the room? Japanese Anime has created a whole language and systemof symbols for sex around white people!

The presence of a blonde blue eyed person in anime comes so often with a sexual pretense and example. Take My Valentine from Yug I Oh. Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon. These are just two obvious examples there are MANY!

They have a whole plot devices and stock characters of the sexualized white person. Not that the japanese characters aren't sexual aswell.

But so often the initial thing with caucasion characters in Asian social settings is sexual.

Is this seen as a problem? I am not offended by this!


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  • Those characters... are Asian... they're in anime you dumbass. Unless

    • Unlesss... They are white

    • The characters you listed are all not white Sailor V is from space and lives in Japan as Minako Aino. Not white. Mai Valentine is of ambiguous origin and since she's from a Japanese media series... is likely Japanese. White people are pointed out.

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  • What does it matter? Let my people do what they gotta do.


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  • It should be super obvious that:

    - Japanese animation is heavily influenced by old Disney animation.
    - anime is heavily unrealistic in hair and eye color
    - us Japs are sexual deviants who at the end of the day don't matter any more than any other race

  • huh? they r Asian


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  • Why do you even care? They do what they want and it's never going to change.


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