What type of Content would you want to be watch from a film oriented Channel?

I know I’ve asked a similar question in the past but I’m going to be starting up a YouTube Channel soon and I to want to be are that I’m giving the people what they want. I was thinking short films but what else besides that? I want to become a film director by the way.


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  • Best of luck in your career. I have no talent when it comes to films, but it does interest me.

    Frankly, though, you won't want to take my advice. I love historical films. "Tora, Tora, Tora," "Her Majesty Mrs. Brown," "Patton," "The Gathering Storm." I could go on.

    There are some that I have not liked. "Darkest Hour" and "Victoria and Abdul," - both out recently - have been big disappointments. However, when you get a really good historical film with top notch talent, they really are hard to beat.

    Also - don't tell my girlfriend as I always pretend to complain when we watch them - romance dramas can be good if done well.

    Best of luck.


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  • "What If" stuff and maybe Mini Documentaries. I'm into the twilight zone a lot.


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