Okay Minecrafters spill the beans?

What up gamers? Does anyone play Minecraft? Do you have any tips, tricks or cool little things that you've learnt about Minecraft which isn't mainstream?

Do you prefer creative or survival?

All the juicy goss please?Okay Minecrafters spill the beans?


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  • First of all, don't call yourself a gamer if you play minecraft on mobile, that's straight out cringy and you will attract a lot of hatred. Second of all play on pc, much better experience (mods and stuff)

    3rd, i always enjoyed creating worlds and flying around looking for the perfect place to build, then switch to survival and build a nice accomodation^^

    • Hey man. I play on Xbox. Relax. I have it on PC as well. So you can relax.

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    • I don't care, you can walk through the world until you find a nice environment for all i care, just never found too mich fun in that^/

    • Haha yeah cool :)

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  • I never played minecraft and honestly i dont know why people love it. Its a primitive looking game compared to need for speed payback and gta 5. Its ur choice anyways coz everyone has a different taste in video games

  • Get the PC version, better than mobile! (Saying this based off of picture) I love playing modded Minecraft. As for tips, I have none, sorry.

  • well if u play on mobile there isn't much u can do if u play on pc there's a lot i use to make whole citys and worlds

    • I play on mobile. PC & XBOX. I'm asking about What everyone else does. Tips tricks etc.

    • u should make a themed city with like jobs and stuff wether its in the future or medeval times

  • I love games as well but not into games such as Minescraft.
    Don't you play any other games?

  • Jesus don't you do this to me with the Minecraft. Play so much of it when I visit my niece and nephew.

    I couldn't really say as far as what's mainstream or not because it's not like I'm on every day... but I really love the alternating fences. I think it's like every other one is a netherbrick fence and then you fill in the gaps with any other fence.

    The AI looks at it like it's a solid fence wall but the player is free to live through it. It's my prefered "Soft wall" because unlike the half slab pair it also stops the baby zombies.

    I do use multiple layers of defense of course, because you never know when an AI exploit will be patched.

    I also ONLY use seeds in which the Nether has a chest containing Diamonds. Then by resetting the Nether I'm able to treat Diamonds as a renewable resource rather than a limited one.

  • You can host your own server through a virtual machine on a pc and play aswell as increase your virtual ram allocated to said server etc


  • Not my type of game, sorry


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