If you could make an imaginary town?

-name of town
-name of lakes


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  • - Abstract and colourful buildings.
    - Buildings are transparent and visible from the street for the most part.
    - Plenty of trees, and some lakes.
    - No personal cars inside the city, all public transport.
    - Personal cars should be parked outside the city.
    - No mobile coverage.
    - Lights at night on the streets are off.
    - Laws are discussed online in a forum.
    - Good climate.
    - People eat organic.
    - Nudism in the street is encouraged.

    Ummm, perhaps there's some interesting project.


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  • I actually made a continent for a class once. Me and some friends each made a continent with ties to each other. My continent was Chalikoth (wanted to name it Azatoth after the cthulu mythos creature but got vetoed) and it was... Sort of the Australia of the planet in terms of wildlife. It had like 6 different biomes which was unusual since the other continents had 2-3 each and it was smaller than them.


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