How many books do you read a month?

I ask because i've heard from some people here that reading 2 lines seem like novels to them which i found hilarious, and this got me wondering. Nerd shaming is the defence mechanism of the idiots so this won't happen here so you are free to let the inner "geek" as lazybums say, go all out. For me its about a book a day. If I don't have time cause of work/kids three days tops.
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  • 10+
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  • 15+
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  • 20+
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  • magazines
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  • not even magazines. i'm allergic to reading. (except if it is for social media chat)
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audiobooks count too in this number so you can include them. frequently when i do chores or cardio i have my earplugs rollin... .


Most Helpful Guy

  • A book a day? That's really challenging. Even with Ritalin, I can barely muster 4 books a month. (Aside from college work) How long is each book? I read about psychology and philosophy only so maybe the difference is that my books are scientific while yours are fictional.

    • fiction can be good, but about 20% is fiction. i like small but dense books too. some times they are larger volumes size doesn't matter. i read 2 pages in a minute in usual books. if its scientific it takes more. if its too deep a paragraph can have you contemplating for days.

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    • You can shape your own child through homeschooling. It's college that's the problem...

    • Definitely recommend it... One of the best books I've read. Lets see how long it takes you to finish it. Took me 2 days since it was so captivating.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Usually 10+ But sometimes it can be 15+ I'm obsessed with reading, books are one of the only things that make me happy

    • What about

    • If you're asking what're the books about, they're usually Romance, Drama (or a mix of the two), or compilations of poems.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Depends, especially on whether I want to read something, so I will give a speed rather than average. Fiction I can do 600-700 pages a day, unless the book uses lots of complex themes and wording. Non-fiction is much slower as I have to consider everything, and the rate depends a lot on the complexity of the material.

  • Omg depends how much time I can spare and how long the series is. If I wasn't in school I can knock out at least 3-4 a month but most... 10?

  • Depends on the time I have. In summer holidays I read one book daily and during college I read 4 books in a month.


What Girls Said 2

  • When I'm in the mood to read then usually somewhere between 5 and 10 a month.

  • I do most of my reading online and im also a slow reader so sometimes I don't even get through a book a month.


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