What video game story infuriated you the most?

(Spoilers) If like me and you played enslaved, then you probably remember playing as that monkey man with a bow staff and an explosive relationship with that girl. The story has you chasing after her father and tribe of people. When you find them after narrowly escaping robot hell you also find all of humanity strapped to machine's being fed images that they live a happy life but your friend decides she don't like that and murderers the man in charge of keeping everyone alive. So nice of her to decide everyone else's fate. P. s. no one can leave the compound because the giant killer robots outside and they have no food or water.


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  • FFXV though I also loved it. The last half felt poorly executed. I didn't mind that it got dark at the end, after building up a happy, fun and light hearted tone. It was just rushed, not well thought out enough and could have overall just been better. On top of that it's annoying how a lot of the plot is told in a movie (which I did enjoy) and an animated series (which I haven't seen).

    • I feel kinda the same but you can't argue about taking a picture of cup of ramen with you to heaven or wherever haha

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    • I played it 3 times once was with the boys another was cup of ramen and the last was Cindy

    • I got throuh once then it glitched out all of the npc's at the the adamantoise boss fight which is when I switched games,

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  • God (s) Eater Burst for the PSP. While everything has a happy ending they bamboozle the shit out of you emotionally


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  • Probably Halo 4 and 5...

    I'm a pretty dedicated and long-time Halo player, but man, I do not like the new direction of the story/campaigns at all.

  • Far cry 3

    • Why far cry 3... is it because they make you wear that stupid jumpsuit and cover your tattoos

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