What story do you see?

I made these character
And trying to build a story around it for Role Play
So that give me the idea to ask

These is the future
What is the story you see in the photo? What world is out there?What story do you see??


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  • An apocalyptic World. Dark and cloudy skies. I'm exploring the ruins of ancient World when suddenly, I heard a weird sound, like someone who's breathing un pain. So, I turn back to see what's this noise and where does it come from. There! There is à figure, human? Sat on a chair. It wasn't here a few seconds ago. It turned it's head towards me. Atmosphere begins to get cold, my heartbit incredibly rising fast. Then, the creature stand up and begin to slowly, painly walking to me. Fear is upon me now. I want to run but I can't. My legs won't obey me. It's getting colder and colder. The creature is approching. An arm extended towards me. It's over for me. When je grabbed me, I froze and then... Pitch black...


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  • It was late afternoon on an autumn day in the year 2142. I had taken shelter inside an old church. I longed to take off the gas mask I wore, but to do so outside a clean and sealed area would mean a painful death over several minutes from a single breath of the faze that still lingers in the air from the Bio-War of 2088.
    The sunset was surprisingly beautiful this night due to a clarity in the sky not normally seen...

  • Post apocalyptic future (looks like the figure is wearing a gas mask). The figure just came back from a scavenging run, and was forced to kill some young kids that were attacking his dog (gun laying on the ground by his right hand). Sadly he wasn't quick enough, and is now trying to cope with what he's done and what he's lost


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