Anime Fans! Are you excited about Battle Angel yet?

It is easily one of my favorite anime flicks and comic. It looks like they are going to treat this with great care and try to tell a good story. I love the way the main character is part CG. And while the anime focused on action, it looks like this movie will try to be more complete.

Anime Fans!  Are you excited about Battle Angel yet?!?!?


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  • My husband literally just sent me a trailer/character exposee by YouTuber Nick On Planet Ripple detailing some of the reasons why this story/character is unique. It's all about the "born sexy yesterday" trope but how this story really makes the character grow and that's why she is so relatable.


      This is the link if you're interested

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    • Oh I love Naruto. I just think the way it focuses on friendships between the kids as they grow into young adults is fascinating.

    • Thanks for the MHOs, Roland :)

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  • On the one hand it's not as famous as the other adaptations that have come out so they [hopefully] won't do all the shameless copying of famous scenes, but on the other hand she has these giant CGI ANIME EYES and it will bug me every second of the movie

    • So you aren't weirded out by her giant head and eyes in the manga?

      I just think that is awesome. Because she is a cyborg. She isn't supposed to have perfect humanoid features. But the thing that seems to be the focus is telling the story. And that is awesome. Because the action doesn't mean anything if it is just empty. The story of the Battle Angel is so compelling.

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    • It's just... off. It's like a snap chat filtet

    • Yeah, I guess I don't get the difference. But my dream is coming true. Alita is going to be in theaters. I just hope it is a huge hit. It looks like they are pumping money into it.

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  • Awesome can't wait to see! I haven't read/ watched the anime but I will now!


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  • she got some bug eyes

    • People keep saying that. And I am like, she had bug eyes in the manga and the animated film.

    • they should have left that detail there

    • And it would have felt "fake" to me. Hollywood screws with these beautiful animated films too much. Finally, I feel like they are trying to tell an authentic story.

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