*SPOILER ALERT* The Walking Dead?

*SPOILER ALERT* For those who have watched The latest episode of the The Walking Dead what did you all think about the scene between Rick and Carl? And how did it make you feel? I personally felt like I was gonna shed a tear.*SPOILER ALERT* The Walking Dead?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's kinda hard to really stay into the show now. In the beginning it had an awesome plot and twists and turns; really kept you at the edge of your seat. After Glenn and Abe died it kinda feels... slow now. The Season 8 mid season opener episode was REALLY slow. Too much plot building for the inevitable. I fast-forwarded through half the episode, just to get to the part...


    where Carl died. They drug it out just to make 1 episode. Not as exciting as the earlier seasons... doubt I'll make it to Season 9.


Most Helpful Guy

  • This show is already a zombie. It's dead and died awhile ago but it's still going. After Abraham and Glenn died I got real mad and quit watching. I tried to come back but man it's so boring at times and stupid at others.

    Now that Carl died, there is no reason the show should continue. It's officially buried at this point.


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