Should they continue bleach the anime series?

I have seen all ep of bleach like 4 to 5 time might end up watching it I love the anime don't really like too many anime but bleach is one of my fav. They discontinued it after the fullbring and there is still one more really good arc that changes everything that u have ever known about the series and it's only on the manga do you think they should just finish it on the tv series or do you think they should leave it without telling the thousand year blood war story?


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  • Meh, regardless of what people think, I can't imagine it happening. Either way, the final arc of Bleach was a mess for various reasons - most of which were out of the author's control - and animating it won't fix that, though I don't think Bleach was good enough to watch it like 4 or 5 times anyway :P


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