Who is this guy Brendon Urie featuring in song "boys"?

I read the comments and he was the one majority of girls were going crazy about.Who is this guy Brendon Urie featuring in song "boys"??


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  • Girls will go crazy about literally any fucking guy who's rich, even vaguely good-looking, and sings or acts. And I'm not throwing shade at Brendan Urie, I respect him, I'm just making a point that girls are often shallow and mindlessly fangirl over guys for superficial reasons just as guys get obsessed with certain girls for superficial reasons.

    • So you are not among those girls.
      Tell me do you like him.

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    • Lol well thank ya, kind stranger.

    • 'Stranger' sounds great
      Just stay cool the way you are

  • Brendon Urie is the singer of Panic! at the Disco, but I'm sure you can use Google yourself to learn more.

    • Well I just wanted to know why girls like him so much
      I personally like him too but still

  • Never heard of him but he's got a cute look


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