Does this artwork look good enough? This is adult gohan in piccolo's outfit?

by the way this is gonna be the last one il post here. Does this artwork look good enough? This is adult gohan in piccolo's outfit.?


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  • It’s pretty good just keep working on it and it’ll be godly

    • I have still have a long way to be good enough though. But passion fuels everything

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  • It's bad. Perspective is off, anatomical positioning is way off, you totally butchered the pauldrons, and it doesn't look anything like Gohan; more like a generic saiyan from Xenoverse 1. Plus his waistband looks like it's cutting into his groin. And what's wrong with his right thumb?

    • Are u experienced in art?

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    • Such arrogance, i don't need to be Akira Toriyama to recognise bad fan art. You want to suck up to the nuthuggers, go ahead, you'll never improve your drawing skills. Don't be so quick to dismiss constructive criticism just because you only want your ass kissed.

    • Every opinion matters to me but if ur gonna be a dick about it i can't treat u with kindness.

  • Overall it's great. I like it. You can maybe rework his face a little bit and it will be πŸ‘Œ

    • Yeah i made his smile look just like goku black and maybe eyes bigger. Im just in the learning phase still

  • Very good. A few perspective issues, but other than that really good.


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