What where the best/worst warriors in history?

I recently discovered the meaning of my surname, it's derivative of old Norwegian and German for "Son of Wolf", this mainly comes from my relation to Viking invaders from Europe. So I got a new found love of them since making this discovery, despite all the wrong they did and don't get me wrong they did a lot of bad stuff.

Regardless, based on their barbarity I was curious what the community thinks was the worst to encounter warriors in history?

Poll includes a warrior from each continent or add any I've missed.
  • Viking
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  • Apachie
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  • Samurai
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  • Zulu
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  • Aztec
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  • Australian Aborigines
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  • Other
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  • My guess would be the Samurai. But I have no idea. Kinda hard to compare.


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  • They were Janissaries of Ottoman Empire, I wonder why u didn't add them, Ottomans ruled more than half of Europe with their Janissaries. They were known as "Bodyguards of Sultan" the most elite and best soldiers in Ottoman Empire, they defeated their rivals Landsknechts of Habsburg Monarchy and Conquistadores of Spanish Empire at the same time.

    • Didn't think about them, just wrong the first that came to mind. Good shout though mate.

    • Np mate I know a lot about them.

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  • The Spartans. They spent their entire lives training for combat, and had conquered the surrounding Greek cities. The other Greek cities had good fighters, but they also farmed, fished, studied medicine, explored the Mediterranean, designed and built temples, etc. The Spartans considered these things the work of slaves and pussies. That battle in the movie '300' was real, although the Persians weren't Orks from 'Lord Of The Rings". The Persians threw everything they had at the 300 Spartans, and the Spartans stopped them cold.

    • True Spartans Ware a good choice. What you say is like the crusades and the Iron Wall, I know I've got some ancestors who where in the Knights Templar and they where also pretty tough fighters. Spartans though good pick.

  • Samurais where fat inbred fucks. The only reason they survived was that Japan is very hard to invade.

    Now the Japanese warrior monks. Those are some bad ass motherfrackers - and they don't even gave enough shits to ever rule Japan

    • A couple of times Kublai Khan's Mongols tried to invade Japan, and the samurai came down out of the hills and cut them to pieces.

    • Because they were only expedition forces, Mongol horses don't swim all that great. A couple of times when the samurai had to face off Koreans or Chinese away from their islands they got their asses handed to them.

      Also, the warrior monks spanked the samurai at home as well, they just weren't interested in power.

  • Genghis Kahn. Greatest AND most brutal

  • Others definitely. Mongols, Tatars, Huns, and Avars.


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