Are some songs meant to be multigenerational?

Though my parents are Spanish speakers (my father understands some English), they like a couple English songs such as the full Grease soundtrack, Queen songs, The Eagles, etc.

I like them all too and so does my 15 year-old brother. As a kid, I used to also (and still do) listen to Frank Sinatra's songs.


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  • Music taste is more than just a natural thing, it also has to do with what you heard a lot growing up, your feelings towards older generations, to a degree how mathematically analytical you are.

    Plus some music is good, and not for the quirkiness of it at the time.

  • Some songs never go out of style. If you've ever heard of the Fallout series, they mostly use songs from the 50's and 60's that I can listen to just about all the time

  • meant to be?

    i think songwrites usually write songs because they love writing songs

    well apart from today's pop music. that stuff is written solely to make money (hence its so simple and repetitive)

    • Then why are a couple of us listening to old songs from the 70's? I was born in 1987 and listen to Hotel California.

    • because you all like it? why would that be special or abnormal?

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