If you had to be one of the two for a day, would you rather be Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

Choose only one of those two.

Donald Duck shares more similarities with me, so I choose him.

What about you?
  • Mickey Mouse
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  • Donald Duck
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Most Helpful Guys

  • I can actually talk in a Donald Duck voice.

    When I was young, I (and my siblings) received a phone call from Donald. Next day I told everyone at school and was told off by a teacher for lying. I told my parents, so pretty soon after that teacher got a phone call from Donald Duck too. The teacher had to apologise to me, but because he was a complete dick, he also told me it was my neighbour, not the real Donald Duck. From that day on, I taught myself to do it.

  • Mickey Mouse but only outside the US. I don't want to get shot by the cops.


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