What's the best rap music decade for you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I grew up with music of 2000s /2010s so I will just go for 2010s, most music of 2010 I still listen.
    I haven't really listened to music before that period.

    • then you should research on 1990s because that was the time when the rap music is really rap music.

    • I don't really listen to rap haha.

Most Helpful Guy

  • 80 to 90s after 90s rap lost irs hype. Most talented people either died or been put in jail for tax evasion. I agree its 90s mostly.

    • which rappers been put in jail for tax evasion for example? I heard that USA is too strict and difficult and merciless on tax issues.

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  • Late 80's through 90's.. I loved Run DMC, LL CoolJ and NWA but Tupac was my all time favorite yes i like a few artists in the 2000's but this is just my opinion but after Pac's and Biggie's death I think hip hop was getting worse and worse my kids are in high school and i think the hip hop they listen to is garbage just my opinion

  • I feel like so far 2010 has more influences from other types of music, rock, edm etc. Feels like it’s finding a way larger following.

  • it gets better as it evolves so for me its impossible to answer

  • Rap isn't music

    • another butthurt detected

    • rap is the best music style in the world, I can not like any other genre even though I'm too white. you fucking idiot.

  • "rap" and "music" in one sentence :(

    • it is music regardless of whether you like it or not

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    • i will put it in very simple terms for you. music has notes.

      eminem is a lyrical genius but he does not make music.

    • then if I compose a melody and make a great beat, isn't that "music" to you too?

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