What are some movies based off books or comics that completely missed the point of the source material?

Off my head are Watchman, (who the fuck thought giving Zach Synder the task of adapting an Alan Moore worm was even remotely a good idea?)
Also V for Vendetta, first off, in the beginning of the graphic novel V blows up the houses of parliament for a reason, he is an Anarchist toppling what he views as a corrupt regime, the same reason Evey Blows up downing street in B's funeral.
Second In the graphic novel V uses Violet Carson's as a calling card, the whole Violet Carson's starting with you know V, in the movie they used Scarlet Carson's which don't have that benefit AND DON'T EVEN EXIST.
And then the wachowskis decided that it should represent liberalism vs conservatism instead of Anarchism v Fascism ( Alan Moore being an Anarchist)
The whole removing Finches whole character arc by having him not be the one to confront and kill V.
The whole V was all of us bullshit ending.


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  • Children of Men changed the fact that it was men who were infertile in the book to it being that women were infertile. It also glossed over the mandatory fertility checks, and how people with “undesirable” genes were exempt.

  • This is surprising one but the Notebook, it was based off a book and honestly they did random shit in the movie for no reason. Like one Noah and Allie did not have their first time in that house Noah wanted to buy, they had sex under a tree in the book. Two, Noah never had a girlfriend in the book he was single most of the book until Allie. Three in the end they didn't even die together!!! they were alive at the end of the book and the book imply they had sex. With the fuckery with the movie ending. The 2nd book of the notebook will never have a movie and that book was way more interesting then the first one :(.

    • Oh I if I remember correctly Noah didn't even have a white best friend his only friend that was in the book I think was a blind old black guy that he talk to when he fist brought the abandon house. I don't know why they add in the white guy and made it look like he never told Noah that Allie was looking for him and wanted to tell him she loves him before she left.

    • Also, both Noah and Allie were loners in the book I don't think they ever talk to anyone their age in the book as teens only when they become adults they did. They were only hanging out with each other.

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  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
    There’s no real love story in the original novella, and the main male character is actually gay.

  • For me, it was the most famous and most praised adaptation of Charles Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities": the 1935 version with Ronald Colman in the lead.

    The book is one of my favorites, but that movie got it all wrong for me. :( There are many old, great movies that should be left alone (no redos), but that is NOT one of them. Of course "A Tale of Two Cities" has had many more adaptations after that, but they were mostly lower-budget affairs.

    It really needs a new adaptation, with a big budget and Hollywood's top resources. Unfortunately, period epics and adaptations of classic literature have gone out of style in Hollywood, so that will probably never happen now.


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  • Just about every movie based off a book. Here's the one that annoy me the most
    The Hobbit, don't even get me started
    Les Misérables
    Percy Jackson
    Harry Potter, especially The Goblet of Fire

    • There are a couple of movies that are legitimately better,
      The book Jaws is absolutely and completely dreadful the movie is one of the greatest films of all time
      The Godfather omitted the whole sonnys massive penis and partnering with the woman with the massive vagina who after sonny gets machine gunned goes onto get surgery to reduce the size even though the rest of the story has nothing to do with her.

    • There a few examples of a movie based on a book done well. Like to Kill a Mockingbird was really good.

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  • The Eragon movie , god that movie sucked so much. and I loved the book


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