What movie did u not enjoy at first?

You didn't like at first but found yourself quoting it later.
For me, it was Napoleon Dynamite


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  • To me...
    I didn't like Inception at first...
    I thing is... I was too stupid to understand it...
    Now I know what a great movie it was...
    Same with the Star Wars franchise...
    Do you know how foolish is to judge a movie by only watching a few random minutes of it... ?
    I had seen Ep.1 sometime on TV...
    didn't know then about how incredible the series was...
    After reading somewhere that is one of the greatest movies of all times I forced myself to watch it... Ep. 3 was starting on HBO and tantanaa... I have fallen for it...


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  • Would you buy I book I wrote while at the toilet and how much would you pay for it?

  • I never cared much for Up or The Scorch Trials like the first two times


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