Which tv/netflix shows are you ready for/will you be watching the month of March?

Yea i ask this a lot, but theyre constantly changing lol and i like to hear recommendations. So #FeelFreeToList yours and also let me know if you watch any of these that i watch below:

• Real Houswives
• To Rome With Love (ending soon)
• The Royals (starting soon)

• The Bachelor (ending soon... finally)
• Love & HipHop NY (ending soon)
• Love & HipHop Miami (ending soon)
• Love & HipHop ATL (starting soon)
• Teyana and Iman (starting soon)
• Unreal
• Living Biblically
• McMafia
• Good Girls

• MTV The Challenge
• The Flash
• Americas Next Top Model
• Black Lightning
• Splitting Up Together (starting soon)

• Grownish
• Krypton (starting soon)

• Growing Up Hiphop Atlanta
• CMT Music City
• Siren (Starting soon)

• Masterchef Junior

• Hear Me Love Me See Me

Coming later this year:
• The Crossing
• The Last OG
• Deepstate
• Imposters
• Killing Eve
• Dancing with the stars
• Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger
• Scream Season 3
• Hit the Floor
• You
• Power
• In contempt

and i hate i dont have Crackle cause the Oath looks interesting with Sean Bean and Corey Hardrict


Most Helpful Guys

  • I hope to catch the flash, black lightning, Krypton maybe, marvel' cloak and dagger, and who knows what else. Sadly work has been eating into my leisure time

  • Loving your list!

    My list consist of:

    ~ The Flash
    ~ Arrow
    ~ Black Lightning
    ~ Supernatural
    ~ Gotham
    ~ Agents of Shield
    ~ Daredevil
    ~ Jessica Jones
    ~ Punisher
    ~ Iron Fist
    ~ Luke Cage
    ~ Defenders

    Looking foward to:
    ~ Krypton
    ~ Jessica Jones S2
    ~ Cloak and Dagger

    • Thanks :) Flash is a little boring this season since its little romance and too many people with powers. It barely focuses on the Flash as the hero. Arrow is too blunt for me. The guys on Supernatural are hot but i couldnt get into the first season. I didn't finish season 1 of Gotham nor Agents of Shield lol. I dont have Netflix so can't watch those others but i couldnt get into The Punisher. I doo however like its movie with Thomas Jane. And yes so ready for Krypton and Cloak and Dagger. You should also watxh the trailer for The Crossing

    • For The Flash that is the concept of this season. Flash is being a mentor to other heroes as Ollie was to Flash... I like the fact that they didn't use another evil speedster... I'm still trying to get into this season of Arrow but I am losing interest... As far as the other shows you have to try to get through the first season. First seasons are always rough. Lol

Most Helpful Girls

  • Just going to keep watching the shows I’ve been watching.
    -Seal Team
    -S. W. A. T.
    -The Brave
    -The Resident
    -Will & Grace
    Waiting for Season 8 of Archer to come on Nextflix.

    • I tried Seal Team and it had potential but it interfered with other showtimes. I watched maybe 4 eps of the Brave but quit cause i want a show with an ongoing story rather than sumn new each time like Law & Order. I didn't watch valor cause i assumed it was like the other two. I heard of the Resident but am debating. I can't do Will & Grace cause will to fine to be plyin gay lol. But if u like all these, def try the Crossing and Deepstate when they come on

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    • I completely agree with you. I know what I won't be watching in May 🙄

    • Ik sucks cause i really wanted to watch sienne. But becca clearly ain't gone pic no black dude. You see how when the first one came out with his British accent she just kept callin him “sweet”. She clearly wasn't attracted. I think all those men were chosen for sienne but becca got bachelorette last minute. Also, im jus glad it ain't tia cause u can tell her fam wasn't gonna allow her to bring someone black home

  • Power (Definitely)

    Teyanna and Iman (maybe)

    LHH ATL (maybe). Kirk & Rasheeda storyline are old & tired. Mimi/Josline/Stevie storyline also old & tired. Karlie Redd, I don't dislike her but she can go too because I'm tired of the old cast. Keep Tommie Lee, Jessica Dime & Tammy and add some new faces.
    Currently watching and enjoying LHH Miami and Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA).

    You didn't list "Atlanta" but I might check it out.

    • I didn't list atlanta cause i dont watch it lol. But we have the same views of Love & Hiphop for sure haha. Im tired of Joc. I like stevie tho cause he's funny. Whats your views on the women of RHOA

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    • Yes. Her baby daddy Leon is still fine and ages well.

    • He sang on Temptations so good

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What Guys Said 17

  • I have no idea what's coming in March I have bunch of Suits, Walking Dead, Flash and Game Of Thrones episodes I haven't watched

  • I don’t watch that much tv, I might have to look at the list of tv shows first.

  • Well, I may watch the Flash.. Once I get used to all the cheese in that show.. LOL.. But uuh I don't know really.. I ain't been watchin too many T. V shows..
    But I will be watchin
    Agents of Shield
    I'll try out Marvel's Cloak and Dagger..
    I may watch Marvel's Jessica Jones
    Krypton interest me somewhat
    Grownish is on my mind... Annnd I think that's about it really..
    Oh, and I may start "The Walking Dead" again..

  • Hmmm I was looking around Netflix today and found a good show, dont remember the name but its about a really hot chick in the military.
    Then last week I watched the ritual, pretty good movie.

    Besides that, nothing new that I know of.

    • I dont like reality shows by the way

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    • Its alsonon Starz but i never tried it cause i never tried the movies

  • Out of what you said, just Scream season 3. Aside from that I've got the end of Breaking Bad (2nd time) to finish. Mr Robot Season 3, South Park 17-21 to watch and some other stuff I can't remember

    • Im so ready for Scream season 3 cause its a new cast. The first two seasons was blahh. But you not gonna try Krypton (about supermans ancestors) or The Crossing (if you liked Lost)

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    • I think their shows might just be more popular in the U. S or something so I seen anything they're in

    • The main guy from teen wolf is tyler posey

  • I just scroll around and watch something if I feel like it lol

  • Is it bad that i watch like none of these except like two 😂

  • No netflix anymore for me not paying $20 a month for stuff i probably won't have time to watch

    • Lol we have direct tv. Its like $60 a month but we used to have xfinity and that was like $200 a month

    • Wow all cable and stuff spoilt with so much lol its choice of pay tv or shity aussie shows with only 10 channels

  • I'm not into TV shows and not a netflix user... I'm so unusual Desi...
    When I watch TV it's other news or documentaries (like National Geographic or Discovery channel) :D

  • The walking dead (watched it )
    Watched some episodes of star trek and orange is the new black
    Stories of the ER
    Nazi documentary

  • There aren't really any new shows on Netflix I really want to watch. I mainly watch just Friends

  • Its been long I checked TV guide but if I have chance I would watch
    The Flash
    Real housewives

  • Krypton looks good.

    • Yea im thinkin the same. I hope its good like Smallville was its first few seasons

  • Power XD

  • Don’t have Netflix

  • Cloak and dagger maybe

    • Yea im ready for that. Hope its better than Inhumans and The gifted. Those bored me after while

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    • wasn't a spit-there's like 5 of them

    • if you wanna watch the last 2-you'll be extremely disappointed with some of the people.

  • Pornhub


What Girls Said 12

  • Grey's Anatomy and Blindspot are back from the Olympic break. And I'll be watching a bunch of Finnish shows, that are most likely irrelevant to the question, because you wouldn't watch them anyway. 😄 I hope they'll also air a season of Survivor soon (we're like years behind on that). I've also been watching Catfish and Are You the One? but they'll end soon.

  • I don't know yet but anything that has to do with jail I will see. I love to see how these guys think and why they do the things they do. I have seen a few different ones.

    60 days in
    Lock up
    Death row
    Lock Down
    Woman behind bars
    Hard times ( still seeing this one)

  • Same stuff I've been watching until it ends for the summer lol.
    Grey's Anatomy
    Chicago Fire
    Chicago Med
    This Is Us
    The Challenge

    • If you liked Lost, checkout the Crossing when it comes on

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    • Lol i didn't watch her season, i started on the next season 29 Ex-plosion (Coreys season) but i saw fight clips from previous seasons. And for the Challenge i started on season 24 Rivals 2 (where CT and Wes teamed up). So i haven't seen previous seasons. Only fight scenes and stuff. But yea dude deserved to get beat after putting dog poop on Nia. And lmao Avery tried but i still feel Nia won

    • Yeah she fucked Johnny up too. And Averey was scary. Nia straight asked if she wanted to square up and she said nothing. But waited til her back was turned to swing on her. And still got beat up.

  • You crack me up. i don't need a TV guide as long as you're around. i don't watch any of those. walking dead and breaking bad are more of my taste

    • Lol you not gonna even try none of the new shows i listed that haven't started yet

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    • Girl her "rap song" is pure garbage

    • I like crystal she's cute

  • The Ranch, Bloodline, Ozark, One Day At A Time, Grace and Frankie

  • I don't watch tv tbh I like Netflix better. I do watch Game of Thrones

  • The Royals and Atlanta. Although I've already missed the first episode of Atlanta. 🙄

    • Yea i kinda hate i missed the first season of ATL. And i didn't finish Royals last season but ima catch up on it next week before the new season start

  • Probably none... I’ll just be watching basketball😝

  • Im looking forward to the new Jessica Jones.

  • I don’t watch that much tv

  • I wish the mentalist was on

  • Hot ones.


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