Would you ever buy fanart?

I am thinking of selling my fanart. Would you buy fanart you like? How much would you be willing to spend on a digital print?

FYI; I make minimalistic portraits, mostly of Kpop-singers for those who are interested ;P
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  • Not sure of your definition of fan art. I know people who take outline prints of characters to comic cons and color them in to specifications from buyers, then sell it to them for BIG bucks. They travel from one con to another and make very big bucks that way.


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  • Don't buy K-pop art (not into it really) but my entire dorm room is almost wall to wall fanart. I always buy way too many prints and posters at comic cons lol


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What Guys Said 2

  • isn't that illegal/copyright infringement?

    • Fanart is always illegal in a way, but people are rarely sued for it. Especially if it's just a small business, it's a grey area. When you do not copy an image, but rather make an interpretation (like I do), you are more in the grey.

      It's a difficult topic and I'm reading into it, but it's got a lot of loopholes, grey areas, etc.

    • Selling it is a little more on the radar though especially if you expect to make any decent money.

    • True, but I wouldn't make big bucks of it. It's a big worry for me as I don't want to do something illegal, but rather want to share my appreciation for some artist in this way.

  • I haven't before and would buy


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