What is your opinion on X?

The rapper/artist XXXTENTACION (X) is/has been one of the most controversial rappers out there. What is your opinion on him?What is your opinion on X?
  • Overrated as a rapper
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  • A bad person
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  • A really kind and intelligent person
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  • Good at acting like a good person
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  • That guy looks like shit, what is that a mop or a tarantula on his head. Everything about how this guy got tatted & gets his hair like projects the image of someone I will learn absolutely nothing from. I haven't heard of him prior to this question & I liked it better that way.

    • He actually has done a lot of great things. Started a hashtag on instagram to encourage people to give money to the ones in need. He has inspirational instagram lives and reaches out to his followers. There’s more to people than looks

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    • That’s why they get that look, it’s the look of modern rappers. There’s barely any rappers without tats, dreads or coloured hair in the charts at the moment. Some look weird to me but that’s just an image that I see through

    • That's a pretty bad reason to get tats, colored hair, & dreads from a personal perspective. Maybe he does feel compelled to do that for the sake of marketing but how good is your art if you need to be some derivative of mainstream successes? It at the very least would suggest not having a lot of faith in your art.

  • Bad person, overrated rapper. Good at acting like a good person. Beat the shut out of his pregnant girlfriend and the whole world just forgives him because they like his music

    • I didn't know he beat the shit out of his pregnant girlfriend. Wow. That's fucked up. Yet I believe a lot of celebs do fucked up things behind the scenes. We just don't know about it. He is a bit overrated but he does have a few gems.

    • There’s no proof of that though though but I agree he was behaving like shit back then. Do you not believe that he grew up and changed his behaviour for the better?

  • How do you not like x?

    • These people don’t know music lmao, widest rapper who actuslly sings amazing

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    • Their old shit was so unique and so good

    • I bumped that shit like 4-5 years ago and loved it, past 2 years all songs Sounds exactly the same and I just got tired of it. Sad how famous people care more of keeping their career than going even bigger

  • Who?

    • Go on Spotify or soundcloud and listen to his music, he has done a lot of genres

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    • Well X is considered to be the most Talented rapper at the moment. He’s compared to tupac even though I don’t agree with that

    • @Trippie_Bread Stop it. He's not.

      @Waffles731 As I thought. A rocker. But your opinion is fair. I listen to everything too... except metal and country. I hate that trashy ass music. I used to be a fan of metal but not anymore. That said to each their own. My girlfriend likes metal. If he liked NWA he should check out Dr. Dre's other prodigies. I'm sure you've both heard of Em, but why not give someone like Kendrick a listen? He looks up to Tupac a lot. I think people like X can be compared to some of the punk/alt stuff I hear. I hear a lot of similarities. It's actually one of the few times I've seen a hip hop artist fuse hip hop with something like that. X is inspired by Tupac, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Cage The Elephant, etc.

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