What video games are you playing lately?

I've gone back to play a lot of Halo 2 Anniversary in the Master Chief Collection lately, on Xbox... It's so much fun! It's really kind of a shame too, there aren't many people playing it... This was from a particularly intense moment last night. Hit some good shots but didn't make it out alive! 😭 lol


Any Xbox players here though? We should party up sometime... I'm usually on H2A, H5, or COD: WW2. I've been kinda getting into PUBG as well. I also like driving around in Forza Horizon 3... haven't done that in a while though.


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  • OMG you play Forza Horizon 3 too 😍 i haven't played that since January but did u used to answer my questions on here with the cars i customized on there?

    • I think I did reply to a few of them actually... they were very well made! Do you play on Xbox?

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    • you really love the Forza series i noticed lol

    • @Toad-1 haha yea all my questions. But not all Forza games. I dislike Forza Motorsport and i never played the old Horizons

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