What is your opinion on this poem on a scale from 1 to 5?

What is your opinion on this poem on a scale from 1 to 5??
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  • The poem seems to force words or phrases for no descernible purpose. Rotund morphology just sounds like someone discovered a thesaurus and used it to gain some smart points. But it’s being used as a main theme and I can’t grasp why the other would choose these words over any other. I’m also concerned with the structure which is clearly freeform with a small rhyming scheme but again I can’t understand the purpose behind using such a style. It doesn’t seem to add to the delivery or the point being made. I’m also still a little shaky on what exactly that point is. It seems like someone who feels dissociated from yet trapped within an undesirable body but that’s as far as I could follow it. I feel like I’m understanding the direction that the author is coming from don’t not why I’m being told what I’m being told. What am I suppose to come to understand from this? I can’t say the poem is bad but instead that I don’t understand or particularly care for it. Which for poetry I’d honestly say my opinion doesn’t matter much if at all.


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  • Great

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