Girls, What sorts of games do ladies enjoy playing?

Mention you're favorites down below.

Here are some examples for each option:

Action: Nier:Automata, PUBG.

Adventure: Life Is Strange, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney series.

Sports: Rocket League, NBA 2k, FIFA, Project Cars,

Simulation: Football Manager, Polybridge, Sim City.

Role-playing Games: Final Fantasy, Black Desert Online, Kingdom Come, The Sims, The Witcher, Maple Story. (Obviously my favorite category)

Strategy: Total War series, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron, Civilization series, Age of Empires, Huniepop.

Other: A girl adrift, Idle Kingdom and anything I didn't mention or that you can think of that probably doesn't fit the genres mentioned.

**NOTE: Some games, including those I mentioned, may fit more than one category.
  • Action (Platform, shooter, fighting, stealth, survival and rhythm)
    Vote A
  • Adventure (text, graphic, visual novels, interactive movie, real-time 3d adventures)
    Vote B
  • Sports (self-explanatory)
    Vote C
  • Simulation (Construction management)
    Vote D
  • Role-Playing (MMORPG, tactical, sandbox, fantasy, roguelikes, etc)
    Vote E
  • Strategy (RTS, RTT, Turn-based, wargaming, grand strategy, 4X games)
    Vote F
  • Other (idle gaming, logic, trivia, party, casual, etc) or specify your own.
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What Girls Said 3

  • Def's monopoly. Also rocket league pubg Dota2 The Witcher maple story fortnite paladins ow cs rust

  • I like different surprises and bonuses!

  • DIablo3


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