Indians, PadMan Vs Black Panther?

I don't think any non-Indian might have watched PadMan. It's banned in Pakistan though.Indians, PadMan Vs Black Panther?Indians, PadMan Vs Black Panther?
I don't know much but PadMan is inspired from a real story and​ everybody knows that b. p. is a science fiction. Still I would like to know from those who watched both the movies, which one did you like more.
  • Indians, PadMan Vs Black Panther?Black panther
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  • Indians, PadMan Vs Black Panther?PadMan
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  • I have not watched one of the two.
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  • Both movies are very different and they both carry a strong message..
    I don't know about black panther but padman seriously raises many questions on the hygiene of female in the india society and how little people do to make them better just cause they are shy or would be ashamed if they raised the issue in public..

    • *indian society

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    • According to me..
      Its a first flick where they have shown an African American hero..
      It kind of gives a sense of recognitions and a way to people can relate to bits and pieces of their culture.. by embracing and showing it on a big screen..
      Just my two cents..

    • I see. Thanks

  • I haven't watched them


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