Favourite faction in fallout 4?


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  • Institute.

    Well-intentioned but their goals are extremely unrealistic. Not to mention, I'm not a fan of how exactly they go about their goals. If they had a more proactive and militaristic mindset, that being focusing more on taking the fight directly to the raiders instead of simply reacting to when they attack settlements ((then wasting resources on people who can't fend for themselves when said resources COULD be used to more efficiently take out raiders)), I'd side with them a bit more.
    But no. They unfortunately fall into the trope of "good guys who emphasize keeping collateral at a minimum at the expense of THEIR ABILITY TO DO WHAT THEY SET OUT TO DO."

    They suffer from the opposite problem. Good organization, good focus on the task at hand, fairly realistic goal. But let's talk about their mission for a sec. This is a bit of a controversial subject, but I'm of the school of thought that synths ((even gen 3s)) are far from actual people. It's consistently shown throughout the game that synths, as human as they may appear and act, don't actually have any real free will. They can do what they want up to a certain point. But a the end of the day, anyone in the institute who knows the "shutdown/reset code" can just walk up to them, bring them back in and reprogram the hell out of them. At their core, they are little more than machines who have been wired to mimic humanity. So I don't think it's worth it to waste actual lives on, quote, "saving" them.

    Do I even need to explain why I'm not a fan of these fuckers?

    "Yo dawgs. Since abuse of technology caused shit to go down, how about we forcibly take technology from innocent people and horde it all for ourselves so more shit doesn't go down."

    I'm surprised fedoras aren't in the dress code for Brotherhood HQ staff..

  • The Minutemen. Your the leader of the common wealth. Regardless of your morality people look up to you. Essentially you are the biggest raider gang taking out your rivals.

  • They're all shit like the game but Institute is my choice.


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