Do you think video games should start giving back?

I hate it when you spend so much time and money into a video game, then the game just shuts down.

Its happened to me theee times.
These are the games that did this to me

•PlayStation home
this was a popular game on PlayStation 3
that I fell in love with, I've been playing this game ever since I was about 9 years old.
The game shut down once I turned 16 & it broke my heart.
wasted a couple thousand dollars on this game.
I would’ve at least like some of my money back or maybe even a free shirt or something?

Its hard for me to find a game I’d spend money on, but once I do find that game..
Im definitely spending money on it
This game wasn’t as bad, I only spent 50$ on this game, but I spent hours and hours every day playing this game trying to get better at it.
& they close the game down soon after the next game comes out (NBA2k17)
So much time wasted...

I think it’s unfair that they’re doing people like this
& the majority of people who play these games are little kids who don’t know any better.
They’re begging their parents for money and the parent doesn’t even know they’re throwing their money away...
its just not cool..

Im not asking for them to make anything cheaper or not even money back
just give something back... anything.

& people say you shouldn’t spend money on games anyway
gaming is a guilty pleasure for some people.
you look down on gaming, but you buy makeup & I know we’re spending the same amount of money for it to end up down the drain at the end of the day.
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  • Games "give back" by providing you with game play. That's all that was ever promised.

    Games with an online component - or worse, online only games - will always be reliant on a company keeping servers running, and that is always a risk.

    I refuse to buy games that don't have a an enjoyable stand-alone experience. That way, if the online portion goes away, I still have something to play.

    Game companies haven't raised the price of games for more than a decade, even though development costs continue to increase. Instead, they charge for online players or have in-app purchases (or both) - and I refuse to participate in in-app purchases. But millions do it, and the game companies make more money that way.

    The only real vote you have is with your wallet. If you buy games with bad business models, you teach game companies that those business models are OK. If you avoid them and encourage your friends to do so, then maybe things will change.

    • There are hardly any games like that anymore
      there are a few games such as Skyrim
      That don’t even offer network games play and Is still a game that’s played a lot today

      but that game came out in 2011
      they don’t really do that anymore so it’s not easy

    • Oh, I am well aware. But you still have to vote with your wallet...

    • One of my all time favorite games was Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox. When the remake was released a couple of years ago with no campaign mode, I refused to buy it, even after waiting for it for a decade.

      I wasn't alone, and they added campaign mode for Battlefront 2.

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  • A thing which everyone who buys online only games or games heavily relying on online servers is that keeping those servers up and running and maintaining those costs money, a lot of it. Especially if you are a company which keeps on pushing new games out there constantly, you need to get new servers for your new games while also maintaining the old ones. Especially if there is only small number of players involved with the old game anymore, there is no point in spending ridiculous amounts of money when the game doesn't bring any money to you anymore. If some game would be very popular, they aren't going to shut down the servers for it, it would not make sense in the business perspective.

    If you feel that some company loses it's interest too soon with the products you buy from them, vote with your wallet. Or if you disagree with them about anything else. However as long as they did what they promised, they cannot be held accountable. No matter if it would seem morally right or wrong. The companies usually don't promise to keep the servers running forever, it's only common sense to realize that your online game might not be there forever.

  • I am not so sure videogames can really give back too much. Their market is only a billion dollar industry and there are tons of companies and struggling businesses. You shouldn't really spend 24/7 of your life at a videogame unless you do get something back which is where e-sports comes in. If everyone got a refund when they get bored of something then no one would succeed. There are still struggling businesses in the video game industry that are trying to make their way. When you pay for something in a game you are not only getting an in-game item but you are supporting the developers themselves. Thats like asking if your favorite band or fast food restaurant should give back. That being said some times they charge too much like EA with battlefront 2 (or 3?) And when that happens then the community will most likely talk about it and boycott that business. There is an eb and flow. Businesses that are widely successful do seem to give back like Blizzard. You would be surprised how much they care about their players and I mean all of their players. That also being said some times people do get way too fucking rich and it's stupid. Not really sure what to do about that. Businesses probably could drop their prices a bit or more. But when you pay for something it's under the assumption that they are intentionally making a profit and you know this. Just don't spend money on shit you don't need is the uh moral here ig

    • No I’m not asking them to give back for no reason
      I mean if they shut down, if I’m able to play the game forever and continue playing with what I bought I can’t be mad

      but these temporary games that shut down so quickly it’s aggrivating.
      & the worst part is they never warn you that it’s going to shut down, I mean of course they’re going to make new content, but why delete everything I spent money on?

      If you’re going to delete my earnings at least give me something...

  • I am surprised that there aren't special unlocks for achievements on xbox live. Exclusive things for your avatar or profile would be cool. Maybe titles or badges. Really anything besides a number.

  • One would think the enjoyment you got from playing it in the first place is "giving back".

    • That’s not giving back
      You’re getting what you paid for
      ) or less than what you paid for depending on the game
      There is no giving.

      but when they decide to shut it down they basically say we’re taking back what we gave you and we’re keeping your money.

      That’s like
      Let’s say you bought a year long free bus pass for 100 bucks
      That’s like the bus driver updating your bus pass and making the one you bought invalid
      Now you have to get a new buss-pass

      It’s retarded it’s not giving in any shape or form

    • Updating the bus passes*

  • Dude, you weren't held at gunpoint and forced to pay into a game!

  • Stop playing video games and do something productive with your time.


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