Should I write my story as a fanfiction or an original fiction?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I would like to be a full-time writer in the future, which means that I definitely have to start writing original fiction once.

But I've already begun to develop a fanfiction (though I haven't written anything down yet), and I'm afraid that I will use up all of my good ideas if I go for it. I'm also afraid that it would contain so much unoriginal content that I won't be able to have it published later.


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  • If they published fifty shades, I'm sure you'd get published.

    • I intend my story to be a "bit" more detailed and developed, which means that I would likely use enough unoriginal content for it to be problematic when it comes to publishing.

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    • What's you Wattpad username?

    • PandaPond. 😂 Literally same picture as on here :)

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  • Fan fictions are works that aren't canon with the stories that exist and are canon. Original fiction would be your own original works that aren't based in a work that exists already. If that makes sense. Whatever you can see yourself doing, go for it. Fan fics are a LOT easier in my experience... as you already have something to work with and the writer's block isn't as extensive.

    • Agreed, fanfics are easier, although if I decided to write the story as a fanfic, it would be likely an alternate universe fic with plenty of original worldbuilding and characters.

      What I'm afraid of is that I won't be able to redo it to be published as the unoriginal elements would become too crucial.

  • Hey, if thats something you like and love to do go for it and make it your job and everything. Dont let anyone else tell you different. Otherwise you gonna end up in some factory. Like me.


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