In the scenario below, is it a good idea for jason to meet up with Ally?

Jason broke up with Ally, but Ally keeps texting him to get back with him. Jason decides to meet with her this week to make it clear that its over?

Do you agree with Jason's idea of meeting up with Ally?
  • Yes, its a good idea
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  • No, unless he plans on getting back with her or giving her another chance, then this meeting will just cause more pain for Ally.
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What Guys Said 1

  • If jayson asked meet ally that could make ally feel that she might have another chance


What Girls Said 2

  • Sure, I guess? I don't think it will necessarily cause her more pain but at this point, that doesn't really matter... If he's made it clear that he's no longer interested, she shouldn't keep texting him. If the best way to get it through to her that it's totally over is by meeting her then that's the best choice.

  • it's not a good idea.


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