Drawing tips for a newish artist?

Okay, so i know i asked this before, but this is a new drawing i did. Does anybody have any tips to improve my drawings?Drawing tips for a newish artist?
Sorry about the bad picture, all i have is a laptop webcam. I know most people say this, but the drawing actually does look better irl, because you can see more of the details.


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  • Link-up with likeminded artists in Deviant Art.

    My artistic sisters have their accounts there and trade works & ideas with fellow artists. Are there themes, characters, or thins you like to draw often? There may already be a group for that.

    • Hmm... everything i'm seeing in Deviant art seems to be digitally drawn

    • I talked to one of my sisters and she says that the skills are transferable since many of the skills used digitally with a stylus are the same ones used on a pencil. They just come out differently due to the materials used. If you draw well with a pen and paper, you should draw well tablet and stylus.

    • So, you can still ask advice from artists whose work you like, even if they’re digital.

  • good work, don't be afraid to try new things (perspective, clothing, hands and feet) and try not to avoid drawing something you know you can't draw.

    if you want to get better find an artist you love and trace their pictures exactly, this will do a couple things for you. it's kind of like training wheels on a bike. it'll slowly guide you to learn how to draw and learn thier style. then try to draw the same picture side by side. after a awhile you notice how they do thing them you can mix and match your style and theirs.


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  • Try to shade your pics and play with colours.
    I drew that pic 3 years ago from an artist I am looking up to and she helped me to improve my drawings. Learn by looking at others and then try to create your own.
    Nice work!


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