Which is better, Black Mirror or Twilight Zone?

  • Which is better, Black Mirror or Twilight Zone??Black Mirror
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  • Which is better, Black Mirror or Twilight Zone??Twilight Zone
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Twilight Zone. Black Mirror feels more like a constant stream of "but what if... technology is actually bad? Have you heard that one before?" Which is ironic since it's very existence depends on a lot of technologies.

    Time Enough at Last still gets me fucked up but Black Mirror... hasn't once

    • Also only slightly related but the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride is dope as shit?

    • I think they're both really good, it's just that black mirror is very predictable. Almost a very basic and easily digested Orwellian concept of human corruption with the wrong technologies. What I like about the Twilight Zone is that it explores things from extra-terrestrial life, historical events like the civil war or Custers last stand, & both technology as well as magic. Magic being the more entertaining, technology being the most thought provoking. I really liked that episode about automation The Brain Center At Whipples. Some of the episodes were kind of stupid but, at least it's less predictable.

      by the way I haven't been on or heard of that ride, but if I were ever able to, that'd be the first place I go

Most Helpful Guy

  • Twilight Zone was unique and groundbreaking at the time, but because its ideas have been copied in other shows so much over the years, it's harder to appreciate. Also filmmaking has changed a lot in 50 years, so it feels dated.
    Black Mirror has some good episodes, but they're almost always depressing or negative, so that gets old.

    • Yeah I just get tired of how it's always consistently fucked up for people at the end of shows like Black Mirror. At least sometimes in the Twilight Zone shit ends good for the people in it. Like m favorite episode is that drunk guy who plays the mall santa, that epsisode was written better than most of the shit they make Today.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm mainly voting for Black Mirror because Twilight Zone is so old now... I mean it's like an updated, more relevant, and even more adult rated version.

  • Black Mirror, 1st season tripped me out more than the Twilight Zone ever has.


What Guys Said 2

  • :( disappointed at the results. Twilight Zone by a landslide. It's like Stephen King and Ray Bradbury had a ghosty alien baby.

  • Black mirror by a landslide


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