What do you guys think of this rap/poem/song?

Hey girl I made a song about you, and it ain't all that nice
But how many times have tried get with you? A few more than twice
But maybe I would have better luck just rolling some dice
It seems nothing I do will ever suffice"

"Maybe it's because I'm weak
Maybe it's because you think I'm ugly
Or Maybe it's because I don't have the most money"

"But damn girl, why are so hard to please
When your Snapchats are a fucking tease
You'll l need more to cool me down than a light breeze
And I lol, heard you like Barbecue sauce when your sucking on the Ds

That's funny as shit

But that's a different issue
And ever since I started track I kinda miss you

I don't know why, cause you don't really talk to me
But when ever you do your just complaining about how things should be
But I wanna talk about would they could be

Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna be your boyfriend
I just wanna chill with you on a weekend
But I feel like every time I hit you up, I just come to a dead end
It doesn't even matter what I send"

"My whole life I've never had sexual relations,
But I've never seen a girl that's such a temptation
*and oh by the way this is about Payton*
Well remember this put it in quotations "

"I'm 15 and on the grind
I got this one bitch, always on my mind
She fine as hell but imma always a step behind
But let me take a second before I fly in blind"

"I know her for a while, and she is kind of a hoe
But not when she is around me though
And When ever I'm trynna hangout she just says I dunno
Maybe I'm going to fast and I need a new tempo
But Come on girl your playing me like a game show"

This whole song has probably been weird for you
But I figure I should give you a clue
Especially if you don't give me any
Maybe I have to insert another penny

Our connection is bad, maybe it's the router
Or maybe it's the only doubter
Girl I'm trying to get with you
But I can't think of anything else to do
Maybe I just have a loose screw


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  • Your motivation on this is really is impressive. 😉


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  • Nice flow, a mix between being serious and poking fun at it'self. I dig it.


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  • I liked it until you called your girl a btch

    • Well that's just how it is

    • U can be a good rapper without calling a woman the B word. Have u not watched the great Tupac’s movie where he said he made the song Keep Your Head Up. He taught future great rappers that you could make a rap without degrading others

    • I understand that

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