What do you think of this poem?

"Humans"creatures from limbo that drag angels down to earth just to cut off their wings and drag demons up just to break down their ego to make them act against their own nature they're god's abandoned creation that even the devil won't look at for they destroy everything they touch.
It's not perfectly worded or well at least I'm not exactly sure if it's fully grammatically correct but I'd like your opinion on my first draft.


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  • I don't know if this is a type of prose (?) but I feel it could be better-worded. Classifying a human as a "human creature" feels like an unnecessary stretch.

    Here's my tip for poem writing: read it out loud. Not in a slam-poetry type of way, but check if your poem has a flow (not exactly a rhythm or rhyme). Skipping lines is all part of making it pleasing, and not a huge chunk (for poetry).


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