Why do you think the most popular tv series in HPO or NETFLIX and ect ; have a lot of nudity like a lot?<?

im truly a huge fan of tv series i watch a lot of episodes each day ,, but recently i start notice that every new session of my fav tv series or any new ones add some naked scenes and nudity for no reason ,,,
i know some people see this things like its normal to see someone naked in front of you but a lot of children watch this like that scene in ( game of thrones ) he have sex with his sister ,,
i dont think its regular and i dont know who to blame ,,,

so tell me whats your opinion?
  • its not a big deal to think about it,?
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  • yeah its something needs to think about it,?
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  • I think it's because Game of Thrones started to do that then every other show coming out wanted to copy their formula so it's why you have a lot of "vaguely historical" settings in shows that involve a lot of sex scenes. Because they don't really get that a lot of Game of Thrones' appeal is the characters and (if they're into that which I'm not personally) the sex scenes are like, maybe a bonus or whatever. But studios think "they just like the constant boning part" and make shows that are only that.

    Game of Thrones started it for sure but shit like Vikings definitely kept it going with no self awareness.


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  • Nudity TITILLATES guys.


What Girls Said 1

  • Because some people watch them for it.


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