Does anybody know how to get a games soundtrack from an xbox360 game? Other than recording one track at a time through AV cables?

I know back in the day games used to be in Redbook audio, where you can play them in CD player, rip with a computer etc. I can't even do any of that with the 360 discs. Are the files there separately somewhere on the disc for a rip? I can't see any files at all when I put in it my laptop, just says please insert the disc in an xbox360 with no other options except to eject. These soundtracks are quite good, and I'd like to add them to my music collection but I can't seem to do that. Please help of possible.


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  • There's a way to bypass the protection on the disc. I think imgburn has an option for it. From there, I guess browse the iso for sound files. Hopefully they aren't in some weird format or a master file or something.

    • I'm not sure I can't even get the thing to read it. The standard drive might be 'blind' to the disc. I'll try imgburn

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    • Well there's plenty of 360 ISOs online so someone's bypassing copyright.

      Also, what game in particular? Whole OST could already be online

    • Well I like the atmospheric music of ducktales, castle of illusion, smurfs 2

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