Why is that my video games teammates are protective of me in battles?

I mean, we don’t know each other but the fact that they know I am a girl, they always try to show that they care, at least give me my favourite weapon, save me from enemies and when I make some mistake just joking it off. We have a squad and they call me “ our girl” and if someome kills me they go to revenge. I know It’s stupid but I wonder if it’s anyhow connected to psychology and the fact that men generally are protective of women?


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  • It could be them being protective, or it could be them trying to get into your affections. Gaming guys often go a bit nuts over any girl gamers because a lot of them are horny loners.

    • They’ve no chance of knowing me. It’s just that they enjoy knowing therw’s a girl playing woth them I guess. That being said I am a beginner at gaming and really bad player xD They are very patient with me and always happy to play with me.

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  • Them were the days. I liked it cause when I would talk on the mic there'd always be that one jackass talking shit to me just cause I'm a female and then my crew would eat them alive.

    • Why do they are protective of us even though that we are strangers and just game mates?

    • Men are protectors and women are nurturers. It's just in their nature.

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  • They aren't protective out of the kindness of their hearts. They want you to like them.

    • But why? We will never meet and they don’t even know my face.

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    • I don’t talk I just message in group chats, dince my mic is mostly off.

    • There's a setting on xbl you can make it so you can't hear people and they can't add you

  • I wouldn't know either, I don't treat my female or male teammates differently. I only care if they have the balls or not (Seriously, I absolutely hate it when teammates can't make a decision and I'm forced to do it for them no matter what role I'm in).

  • Exactly your a gamer girl that's a turn on for guys and a video game gives them a platform to die protecting you while remaining alive

    • They don’t know me at all though. We’ve been playing for only like 4 days since I am a beginner and today when I died in game, they talked in mic, one of them asked “ (My name) you here?”, I didn’t answer was curious about their conversation, another one answered “ Probably she left, she doesn’t write back”, first one again “oww that’s sad, my luck went down without her watching” , then he started a song about beautiful eyes of a girl, half jokingly xD
      That’s so stupidly cute and funny, I showed up and he was silent for few minutes xD Probably shy xD Why’d they be like that to a stranger girl they haven’t even seen?

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    • They might swear with a mic off but try not to when It’s on and I am in game. Yes most are nice but ‘I’ve met not so nice guys too.

    • It's all luck of the draw with random players I've found the best people are on warframe

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