Guys, In Dramatic Tone: What Would You Do... To Save The Earth?

The Earth is about to blow up in less than 15 minutes, killing everyone in a fiery inferno of flames and pain. But you have a choice:

1) To either suck off a gorgeous but extremely well-endowed tranny (and by well-endowed I mean 8 inches when soft and 14 when hard).


2) Let everyone you've ever known and loved die a horrible painful death. Your call.

Note: Lets try... no. Not try, lets NOT write hateful, transphobic or homophobic comments! Don't like it? Don't fucking read it!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'll suck off the tranny. I don't want to die man.

    • Then the prophecy is true. You are the one. The Savior of us all.

      And since this is one of those "for the greater good" type scenarios, I would too. So many things in life I want to do... like... buy a shit tone of creatine and protein whey.

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